We stock a variety of common outpatient medications, Prescription Diets, and Nutritional Supplements, including those specific to the veterinary field. In addition to the convenience this can provide, our relationship with veterinary-specific drug manufacturers provides patients the added benefit of technical support and product guarantees unavailable outside a veterinary hospital.

We strive to ensure your pet is receiving effective medical treatment and proper dosing through trouble-free administration. Accordingly, we stock treats in which to hide medication, and also provide in-house compounding and medication-flavoring services, to help eliminate the struggle of administering your pet’s medication, which may hamper the ability to provide effective treatment.

Depending on your pet’s individual medication requirements, your own logistical restrictions, convenience considerations, or other factors concerning your pet’s prescription medication regimen, we can work with local pharmacies or consult with national veterinary compounding pharmacies to meet unique prescription medication requirements, many exclusive to animals.


Please call ahead to refill previously prescribed medication(s). In particular cases, this allows us time to confirm availability or special order exclusive medication(s). Request a refill by calling 203-378-8276.

Refilling Your Dog’s Heartworm Preventative Prescription

If your dog is up-to-date for an annual examination and heartworm test, it is not necessary to call ahead before coming in to refill a Heartworm Preventative prescription.

Patients of New Clients will require an examination at our hospital prior to dispensing a refill, unless the refill request is accompanied by a written prescription from your previous veterinarian.


Annual examinations and doctor approval are required prior to dispensing or refilling medication(s). In some cases, periodic blood-work or other therapeutic monitoring procedures may also be required, in which case a doctor will inform you of the necessary protocol. For additional information regarding such requirements, see Laboratory. Please call us at 203-378-8276 to schedule an appointment if we have not seen your pet within the last 12 months.

Prescription Diets

We also stock a various dog and cat diets available by prescription only, formulated to provide therapeutic relief or treatment of a variety of specific medical conditions. For more information, see Nutrition.

Medication Disposal

Per Connecticut state law,1 unused controlled substances dispensed from our practice must be returned to us for disposal.

Other medications may be donated back to our practice, disposed of during the annual National Take-Back Initiative, or dropped in a local police “no questions asked” drug collection box. Per Connecticut state law,2 however; we are unable to accept returns of medication. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding this policy.

Additional Resources

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) maintains a list of Local Drug Collection Boxes, and information regarding Connecticut locations participating in the National Take-Back Initiative (or Household Drug Take Back Program). They also provide information regarding Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has further information regarding How to Dispose of Unused Medicine.


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