End-of-Life Care


We appreciate the difficulties surrounding the decision to euthanize a pet, both as medical care-givers and as pet owners ourselves, and our veterinarians take great care advising those unsure how to proceed with a pet in poor health. This may include when pain medication and/or surgical treatment options become ineffective and a pet’s quality of life shows signs of decline.

If, then, one of our veterinarians has not already examined your pet and discussed end-of-life care, a consultation examination will be required to determine what option(s) are deemed appropriate for your pet.


Euthanasia is the most difficult of options facing any owner when their pet’s quality of life is deteriorating.

By monitoring specific criteria, we hope to assist owners in evaluating and tracking their pet’s quality of life and provide guidance through the process of caring for a pet throughout the end of its life, particularly when considering euthanasia. The JOURNEYS Quality of Life Scale (if you experience issues viewing or printing this fillable PDF form, please try the Standard PDF), named for the criteria being evaluated, was developed by pet hospice caretaker Dr. Katie Hilst, and is designed to be used as a starting place for addressing concerns with your veterinarian.

When the decision is finally made to euthanize a pet, owners may choose from a variety of options, including home euthanasia services for those in our area.

Home Euthanasia

We understand the hardships incurred dealing with the impending loss of a pet may be exacerbated in a hospital environment. For this reason, home euthanasia services provided by Dr. Thomas A. Milos are available at a client’s behest within reasonable driving distance of our location.

Care Options

Communal burial and cremation, and individual cremation services are handled by Inserv Pet Crematory, which also offers private viewing by appointment. Additional information is available on Inserv’s website.

  • We can handle care of your pet’s remains for you, utilizing a communal burial service.
  • We can handle care of your pet’s remains for you, utilizing a communal cremation service.
  • We can arrange for individual cremation of your pet with its ashes returned to you.
    • Additionally, the pet crematory we utilize offers a “Paw Print Keepsake.” An impression of a pet’s forepaw is taken prior to private cremation services, which is then preserved in polymer clay.
    • Attendance of individual cremation services are available from the pet crematory upon request.
  • You can take your pet home or arrange for care on your own (Please check with local authorities if you are unsure of laws governing home burial in your area).
  • Alternatively, you may wish to have your pet buried at one of the following pet cemeteries in Connecticut:

    Pet Cemeteries in Connecticut

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provides resources for coping with Pet Loss, including the ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline, available by calling 877-474-3310.