DNA Testing

Canine DNA Testing

More importantly than merely satisfying curiosity, a dog’s breed makeup may provide valuable information for an owner in working with their veterinarian in developing a more targeted care plan for their dog, as the test screens for specific breed-related health risks.

Additionally, a dog’s breed makeup may become relevant in applying for homeowners insurance or Pet Insurance, where breed-related disease-predisposition may be a factor in determining plan eligibility.

Canine DNA testing screens for more than 140 genetic mutations that can predict specific health conditions,1 and requires only a blood-draw, with results typically available within two (2) to three (3) weeks.2


Canine DNA test kits must be special-ordered and the appointment for blood collection scheduled beforehand.

For more information about canine DNA testing, visit Royal Canin® Genetic Health Analysis, where an Example Report can also be viewed.

Bird DNA Sex Determination

Other than simply satisfying curiosity, determining your bird’s sex is medically beneficial, as it assists your veterinarian in establishing gender-specific diagnoses. Additionally, knowing your bird’s gender can help address issues with behavior, an important factor in building a strong relationship with your bird.

Bird DNA sex determination requires a small blood sample obtained from a toenail, and results are typically available within two (2) to three (3) weeks.


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