Puppies & Kittens

Scheduling an appointment for your puppy or kitten as soon as possible after welcoming them into your life will benefit their overall future health, as your new pet’s first visit is important for identifying issues which can inhibit healthy growth and development (both behavioral and medical) or cause potentially permanent detrimental health effects.

We value client education and broadening the understanding of your pet’s health and your ability to distinguish abnormal signs which may indicate a potential health problem.

Your pet’s first visit will consist of a comprehensive physical examination, including:

  • Checking for possible congenital disorders (such as an umbilical hernia, heart valve defects, or other abnormalities)
  • Screening for Intestinal Parasites and dispensation of worming medication
  • Testing for Heartworm Disease in puppies over six (6) months of age
  • Testing for Feline Immunodificiency Virus (FIV) & Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) in kittens
  • Initial or booster Vaccinations, as required; with discussion of ancillary vaccinations which may be indicated by environmental factors or characteristics of your pet’s lifestyle
  • Discussion of Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Discussion of Nutrition
  • Discussion of Behavior, particularly house-training and basic obedience
  • Answers to any pet owner questions you may have

Subsequent visits will additionally incorporate:


Neutering Your Dog

We highly recommend neutering (or spaying) your dog.

With purebred dogs, specifically; we recommend neutering (or spaying) in most instances, although the time at which to do so may vary based on numerous factors. Please consult your veterinarian for more information.

For more information, see a Guide to Neutering Your Dog.

Licensing Your Dog

Licensing is required by law in the state of Connecticut for dogs over six (6) months of age.1 Furthermore, there is an additional fee associated with a new owner licensing a dog over this age.2 To license your dog, you will need a:

  1. Rabies Certificate: This certificate, signed by a veterinarian, must accompany and indicate a dog’s up-to-date rabies vaccination status.
  2. Certificate of Previous Neuter [or Spay] (If Applicable): This certificate, signed by a veterinarian, confirms previous spay or neuter either determined by physical examination or performed by the signing veterinarian.

License Renewal: Stratford CT

Stratford CT residents can renew their dog(s)’s license(s) online using the Town of Stratford’s Online Dog Renewal System.

Additional Information

For additional information about licensing your dog, including a printable Connecticut Dog License Application, visit the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s Animal Control Division.

Other Laws Relating to Dogs

A list of all Connecticut state laws relating to dogs is available from the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries page of Connecticut Law[s] About Dogs. Additionally, a list of Stratford CT town laws (alongside key state laws) is available from Stratford Animal Control’s page of Laws [and] Regulations.


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