Pet Identification

A microchip offers a safe and dependable means of identifying your pet if they become lost, as both shelters and veterinary hospitals routinely scan animals who are taken in.

We scan for the presence of a microchip during your pet’s first visit (regardless of whether one was previously implanted), and verify the chip’s ID number if one is detected (our reader is capable of detecting all brands of companion animal microchips).

If you have your pet’s microchip ID number, but are unsure of the brand or your pet’s enrollment status; you can use the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup, a service of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which provides a centralized search of multiple pet microchip databases.

We use a 134.2 kHz, ISO-compliant microchip. For additional information about the microchip we use, please see the MicroFindr™ Slim FAQ.


We offer microchipping which includes Lifetime Registration in the PetLink™ pet registry. Registration ties your pet’s microchip ID number to your contact information; which, in the unfortunate event your pet is lost, is immediately accessible by the manufacturer if your pet is found and scanned. You can check your pet’s registration status using the Microchip Search on PetLink™. After enrolling, be sure to update your contact information if you move or change phone numbers.

Lifetime Registration also includes around-the-clock access to the PetLink™ Recovery Hotline (1-877-738-5465), the ability to generate Lost Pet Posters, and access to useful pet travel and reunification resources. There is no renewal fee for continued access to these services.

Following registration, you will receive a PetLink™ Welcome Message at the e-mail address you provided us when your pet was microchipped. You will be prompted to create a new password and confirm your pet’s registration information.

Please see PetLink™’s Frequently Asked Questions for additional information regarding registration.

Report a Lost Pet

If your pet is lost and has been microchipped, contact the company maintaining the database in which your pet is registered. If your pet was microchipped at our hospital, please contact PetLink™ at 1-877-738-5465, or file a Lost Pet Report online from your PetLink™ account.

Missing Pet Resources