Understanding Your Pet’s Age

We concentrate on three main pet life stages: Puppy & Kitten, Adult, and Senior.

Pets are generally considered “Adult” between the ages of four (4) and nine (9), or three (3) and six (6) in larger breed dogs.

Subsequently, pets are generally considered “Senior” between the ages of nine (9) and 14, or six (6) and 10 in larger breed dogs; although the progression from adult to senior can happen gradually or relatively suddenly, it typically occurs between the ages of seven (7) and 10.

Consequently, when roughly six (6) “human years” can pass between annual visits, annual wellness examinations offer your veterinarian the opportunity to identify changes in your pet’s health which may be easily overlooked, or complications for which your pet might be asymptomatic (display no outward signs of disease). Likewise, it is important to pay close attention to any changes in your pet(s)’s health as they age, and not discount those which may occur between annual wellness visits.

How Old is Your Pet in “Human Years”?

The Pet Health Network, presented by IDEXX Laboratories, provides charts to help identify your pet’s age in relation to an average human’s, and which utilize both age and weight in calculating an approximate age equivalence, which provides a more accurate representation of the “human years” abstraction than one based on age alone:

Both dog and cat charts are available together in a single document, How old is your pet in people years?.