Surgical Prerequisites

  • Unless otherwise indicated, ensure your pet takes any prescribed medicines prior to surgery
  • Anesthetics should be administered on an empty stomach; therefore, do not give your pet any food after midnight (12:00 AM) the night before your pet’s surgery, although water may be offered
  • Exercise your pet prior to admittance to ensure he or she urinates and/or defecates if necessary
  • Drop-off for surgery is between 8:00 and 9:00 AM the morning of your pet’s surgery
  • Preanesthetic bloodwork may be required prior to surgery to rule out any preexisting conditions which could complicate anesthesia
  • It may be necessary for your pet to be hospitalized overnight following surgery; if applicable, one of our veterinarians will discuss such a requirement prior to your pet’s surgery

Call the hospital at 203-378-8276 if you have any questions.