Guide to Neutering Your Dog

We highly recommend neutering or spaying your dog.

With purebred dogs, specifically; we recommend neutering or spaying in most instances, although the time at which to do so may vary based on numerous factors. Please consult your veterinarian for more information.

Use the following guide to determine if you should neuter or spay your dog.1

Is your dog purebred?
From whom or where did you obtain your dog?
Did you receive a three- to five-generation pedigree with your dog?
Are there at least four titled dogs (conformation, obedience, tracking, field, etc.) in the last three generations of your dog’s line?
Does your dog have a stable temperament?
Does your dog fit the breed standard?
Is your dog healthy and certified free of genetic diseases?
You have a dog of breeding quality; however, if you are not active in showing or working your dog, think very carefully about your reason for breeding. Breeding should be done to improve the breed, not “so the kids can see puppies being born,” or because you “want a puppy from her,” and never to make money selling puppies! Do not breed out of greed!
Have your dog neutered!


  1. ^ Adapted from Findling E. Is Your Dog Breeding Quality? Buffalo, NY: American Kennel Club; 1993.