Adult Pet Wellness

Pets are generally considered “adult” between the ages of four (4) and nine (9), or three (3) and six (6) in larger breed dogs.

When roughly six (6) “human years” can pass between annual visits, annual wellness examinations offer your veterinarian the opportunity to identify changes in your pet’s health which may be easily overlooked, or complications for which your pet might be asymptomatic (display no outward signs of disease). Likewise, it is important to pay close attention to any changes in your pet(s)’s health as they age, and not discount those which may occur between annual wellness visits.

More detailed information regarding Understanding Your Pet’s Age is available in the Pet Health Library:

Understanding Your Pet’s Age

Annual Wellness Examination

As your pet begins adulthood, it becomes increasingly important to address any persistent Behavioral problems, while maintaining good health as your pet ages. With that in mind, an annual wellness examination of an adult pet includes:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  • Screening for Intestinal Parasites
  • Testing for Heartworm Disease
  • Booster previous Vaccinations
  • Assessment of ear health
  • Assessment and discussion of Dental health, including improving or maintaining long-term dental health
  • Assessment and discussion of Nutrition, with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy adult weight, and including:
    • Quality of food
    • Quality of coat and skin
  • Address other hygiene-related considerations, including:
    • Nail length
    • Anal gland health
  • Discussion of pet Behavior, including unwanted behavior(s) which might have developed since your dog’s last visit (especially those retained from puppy- to adult-hood)
  • Answer any questions you may have