Payment Policy

Payment is required when services are rendered. We accept cash, check, VISA®, MasterCard®, and Discover Card®. We also accept CareCreditSM in certain situations (See our full CareCreditSM Policy for more information).

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CareCreditSM Policy

  • CareCreditSM use can not be guaranteed and must be discussed with staff before services are rendered
  • CareCreditSM may be used for an admitting procedure or hospitalization, of a single patient, with estimated fees over $200.00 (see Financing options below)
  • A deposit may be required, and one will be required if estimated fees exceed an account’s credit limit
  • Existing Existing CareCreditSM credit card cardholders may use their card for fees under $200.00 (Standard Terms apply)
Financing options
Verification of ID is required for all CareCreditSM transactions
  • For fees over $200.00, CareCreditSM account information must be verified and a financing option must be selected, prior to patient admission

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Connecticut Animal Population Control Program (APCP)1

Shakespeare Veterinary Hospital is a participating practice in Connecticut’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP), established in 1995 to provide Vaccination and sterilization benefits for unsterilized dogs or cats adopted from municipal impound facilities in Connecticut, with the goals of reducing pet overpopulation, preventing the spread of Rabies and other diseases through Vaccinations, and subsequently increase the effectiveness of local Animal Control Centers through education and law enforcement. The APCP has vaccinated and sterilized more than 75,000 animals since its establishment.

Funding for the APCP comes from an annual surcharge on Connecticut dog licenses, the adoption fee, proceeds from the sale of the “Caring for Pets” commemorative license plates, and donations.

More detailed information is available from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DOAG) website’s APCP webpage.

Municipal Pound Pet Program

As of the 2016 fiscal year, to utilize the APCP Municipal Pound Pet Program, a Connecticut resident must pay a $45.00 fee at the time of adoption, which entitles the adopter to a Vaccination/Sterilization Voucher good for sixty (60) days. This voucher provides a one-time sterilization benefit of $50.00 for a male cat, $70.00 for a female cat, $100.00 for a male dog, or $120.00 for a female dog with the addition of two (2) pre-surgical vaccinations coincident with the sterilization procedure.

Adopters are required to pay for other services as specified by their veterinarian. Pets too young or sick may be granted a medical extension by the veterinarian; however, all young animals must be sterilized by six (6) months of age.

Be sure to obtain a Vaccination/Sterilization Voucher (APCP-03) from the municipal pound when you adopt your pet.

At your first visit for your pet’s first examination and appropriate vaccinations, we will ensure your pet’s eligibility in the program, and fill out a Medically Unfit for Surgery Certificate (APCP-04) on its behalf. We will then submit it to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Services will be billed according to current program guidelines.

Please note that Vaccination/Sterilization Vouchers are only valid for 60 days. If your animal is too young for surgery, you still must bring it to a participating veterinary practice and submit a Medically Unfit for Surgery Certificate, otherwise it will be ineligible for the APCP.

Manufacturer’s Rebates

Some product purchases may qualify for a manufacturer’s rebate. If applicable, instructions for obtaining additional rebate information will print in the Notes section on your invoice.

Manufacturer’s rebates on products and medication for Heartworm Disease Prevention usually run year-long. Our staff can provide you with current rebate information.

Pet Insurance

Unlike human health insurance, pet [health] insurance reimbursement may only be received after a claim is submitted on your pet’s behalf. Therefore, even if your pet is insured, and in accordance with our Payment Policy, payment is required when services are rendered. We are available should you need assistance filing your claim.

Please be sure you bring a completed claim form from your insurance provider.

Many providers’ forms are available online. For your convenience, a list of providers is supplied below:

Pet Insurance Providers


  1. ^ Adapted from Animal Population Control Program. Connecticut Department of Agriculture.